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Kuldeep S. Clair, Consultant Solicitor, offers his views It is not easy to choose a solicitor and, of course, a lot of people hope never to have to need one. But when you do need one, you will want a very good friendly and experienced one, who knows what he or she is doing. It

Our recent interesting successful cases

  Defamation   My client was a professional girl in her mid-twenties who had done modelling work and had contact with a man who worked part-time as a photographer. He made repeated and persistent requests to my client for her to send photographs and to pose for photo-shots, which turned into requests for nude and semi-pornographic
These days whether in the context of business or personal life, the protection of one’s reputation is more important than ever before. Damaging, obscene, and untrue comments/photos about a business or individual are easier to circulate than ever before. That is obviously because of the easy access of everyone to the internet and to social

Landlord / Tenant Agreements And Disputes

Kuldeep S. Clair, reviews how he may be able to help you if you are involved in a dispute over property which you have either rented or are renting out. I can help in disputes whether you are the landlord (L) or the tenant (T). In practice, we deal with disputes over residential property, and