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Civil Disputes & Court Claims    

With the best will in the world, things sometimes go wrong. Disputes occur. Sometimes, they can be resolved without a lawyer. We assume that you are reading this because you have a dispute which you have not been able to resolve without legal assistance. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

We always work to try to resolve disputes amicably without court proceedings if possible, whether you are pursuing or defending a claim.  We would attempt to correspond first. If that is unsuccessful, it is important to appreciate that if you have a viable claim, there is usually only one way to pursue it further, and that is to issue court proceedings.

Kuldeep always provide honest and straightforward advice about the benefits, risks, costs, and proposed strategy in litigation. Please see Kuldeep’s personal article on costs. https://sterling-law.co.uk/en/legal-costs-can-you-recover-them-from-your-opponent-after-winning-a-legal-dispute/

Amongst the types of claims that we deal with regularly:

  • Money claims, both by businesses and individuals, sometimes for outstanding debts for unpaid invoices. They may also be for monies loaned informally to friends and family. For all such claims it is often possible to obtain a court judgment within a month of issuing a court claim, if the claim is not contested.
    If the claim is defended, it will take longer, and legal costs will be greater. Contrary to what many people think, it is not essential to have a written agreement to prove a claim, but that does help immensely. The court will decide the claim on all of the evidence before it. 


  • Consumer claims over goods and services. We have an excellent success rate in claims that we accept. Just within the last few years, Kuldeep has assisted in obtaining substantial judgments successfully in favour of clients against insurance companies, car dealerships, technology corporates, holiday/timeshare companies, home-improvements companies, banks, and major finance companies.


  • Damage to reputation can be a distressing experience. If you have had your reputation damaged and want to know what you can do about it, or have been accused of defamation (libel / slander) by someone else, we can advise what we can do to assist.
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  • Housing possession and landlord/tenant disputes we not only draft residential tenancy agreements, but we have expertise in dealing with disputes between landlords and tenants. Kuldeep can advise on the best way forward whatever situation you are in.
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