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KSC Legal Consultant Solicitor – UK

Kuldeep S. Clair has 25 years of expertise and experience as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales.

He practises in his areas of law with a serious 'hands-on' approach, and enthusiastically advocates in the courts and tribunals.

Choosing a great solicitor – what to look for

It is not easy to choose a solicitor and, of course, a lot of people hope never to have to need one. But when you do need one, you will want a very good friendly experienced one who knows what he or she is doing. It can be compared to being a patient in a hospital operating theatre. We may not want to be there, but once we are there, we want the best surgeon possible.

So what should you look for when choosing a good solicitor?

Employment Law

Unfair or constructive dismissal
Discrimination :: Whistleblowing
Misconduct or incapability allegations
Redundancy - fair processes and procedures
TUPE - transfers of businesses
Contracts of employment - drafting and reviewing
Tribunal claims - advice, representation and advocacy
Settlement Agreements

Contract & Commercial Law

Drafting / reviewing commercial contracts
Shareholders' agreements
Directors' service agreements
Terms & conditions of contract, for sale / services
Trade, franchising, supply or consumer agreements
Company law for small businesses or start-ups
Insolvency / bankruptcy - what are the implications?

Civil Disputes & Court Claims

Disputed debts and outstanding invoices
Goods and services bought and sold
Disputed property
Landlord and tenant disputes
Defamation - libel / reputational damage
Insolvency claims - personal or corporate
Confidentiality disputes

Privacy Law - GDPR

If you have suffered as a result of a breach of the "GDPR" privacy regulations, we may be able to assist you in making a claim.
Compliance by businesses with the GDPR is vital and you may need detailed advice if you handle sensitive personal data. You could face a very large fine if you do not handle data properly.

Family Law

Family law is an emotional arena which requires sensitive, pain-free handling:
Divorce and relationship breakdown
Division of property after divorce
Child arrangements - residence and contact
Pre-nuptial agreements
Domestic violence


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Kuldeep S. Clair | Consultant Solicitor | London

Top-quality affordable tailored advice for individuals and businesses

Kuldeep S. Clair has 25 years of serious 'hands-on' expertise as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. He practises regularly in the areas of law described in detail here, based in the City of London, and also enthusiastically regularly advocates in the courts and tribunals. Over these years, he has earned the respect of many colleagues in the profession, both in the private and public sectors where he has worked, as well with esteemed professionals in the independent Bar and the judiciary.

All the cases which he accepts will be dealt with personally by him; they will not be ‘farmed off’ to inexperienced assistants or unqualified paralegals. He works as part of the firm where he is a Consultant and the most experienced solicitor, which is Sterling Lawyers Limited, based in the heart of the City (details as below).

The fact that Kuldeep is an experienced advocate, as well as a Solicitor, means that in a case requiring legal representation in court, it may not be necessary to instruct a barrister (Counsel). That could well save you considerable costs if your case ends in a contested hearing. That is something we can discuss if you instruct us.

Employment disputes & contracts

Resolving an employment law issue may be difficult and can require a tenacious approach.

Employment law is Kuldeep Clair's number one specialism. He confidently asserts that it is unlikely that you will find a lawyer that easily exceeds the level of service and expertise that he will bring to your employment case.

We advise on all employment issues: settlement agreements, unfair dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing, grievances, disciplinary procedures, pursuing and defending tribunal claims.

We can complete the signing and certification of a settlement agreement, or drafting of an employment contract, to within 24 hours of your full instructions in urgent cases.

Employment disputes & contracts | Ksclegal
Contract and commercial law | Agreements and contracts | Ksclegal

Contract and commercial law

Kuldeep has drafted or reviewed agreements and contracts of all kinds, running into a multiple four figure number in the course of his 25-year career as a solicitor. Kuldeep provides top quality affordable tailored advice for individuals, as well as having a significant corporate following of small businesses in London and the south-east.

(If you are already in a dispute with another party at present, please see the section below on civil disputes, which may be more relevant.)

Civil disputes and court claims

Disputes occur, and things go wrong. Sometimes, they can be resolved without a lawyer. We assume that you are reading this because you have a dispute which you have not been able to resolve without legal assistance. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

We always work to try to resolve disputes amicably without court proceedings if possible, whether you are pursuing or defending a claim. Our approach is to attempt to correspond / negotiate first.

If that course is unsuccessful, and we advise that you have a viable claim, it is important to appreciate that there is usually only one way to pursue it further, and that is to issue court proceedings.

Kuldeep always provides honest and straightforward advice about the benefits, risks, costs, and proposed strategy in litigation.