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Kuldeep S. Clair is a Solicitor with 25 years of serious 'hands-on' expertise as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England. He practises in the areas of law described in detail here, and also enthusiastically regularly advocates in the courts and tribunals in which he practises. Over many years, he has earned the respect of many colleagues in the profession, both in the public and private sectors where he has worked, as well as esteemed professionals in the independent Bar and the judiciary.

All the cases which Kuldeep accepts will be dealt with personally by him; they are not ‘farmed off’ to inexperienced assistants without your express prior consent. Having said that, he works as part of the firm where he is a consultant, which is Sterling Lawyers Limited (details below). 

The fact that Kuldeep is an experienced advocate as well as a Solicitor means that if your case requires legal representation in court, it may not be necessary to instruct a barrister ('Counsel'). That alone could save you considerable legal costs. That is something we can discuss if you instruct us. 

Kuldeep Clair takes pride in providing maximum satisfaction to his clients, and advancing their case vigorously, but he will always advise honestly. The last thing you need in your lawyer is to have a representative who only tells you what you want to hear. That is little better than not having a lawyer at all. 

It is important to be appraised of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular course of action, so that you can make informed knowledgeable decisions in your matter. In other words, you need a solicitor who is willing to be both friendly and robust, not just with your opponent, but with you as the client as well!