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Employment Law    

Resolving an employment dispute may sometimes require a tenacious approach.

Employment law is Kuldeep Clair's number one specialism. He confidently asserts that it is unlikely that you will find a solicitor that exceeds the level of service and expertise that he will bring to your employment case. 

Employments tribunals are where most (but not all) such claims are contested, if they cannot be settled. Although tribunals were introduced to allow employees to bring claims in person (i.e. without the need for lawyers), the law applicable to employment tribunals has become complex and surprisingly technical.

A claim might be out-of-time even if filed online just one minute past midnight on the last day when time runs out! You could lose your claim, or fail in your defence, for what appears to be a very technical reason. This may seem ridiculous to a non-legally qualified person who is simply seeking simple justice. 

Kuldeep has successfully advocated on many occasions in tribunals in cases where he has been opposed by many senior barristers and QCs.            

We advise on the full range of employment issues. Please click on a link below for more detailed information relating to specific enquiries:


KSC Legal works for a variety of clients including small / medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. Our instructions therefore come from both sides: employees and employers. Kuldeep has previously worked 'in-house' for very large employers, and his employment caseload is split between employers and employees. This is a distinct advantage in that it enables a lawyer to gain an invaluable perspective by seeing 'both sides of the fence' and to anticipate the likely arguments from the other side.  


We are able to advise on terms and conditions of employment, procedures and implementation to ensure businesses are equipped to deal with complaints and claims when they arise and to avoid them wherever possible.

Please visit our news blogs for more up-to-date information about employment law.

UPDATE: At this crucial time when you may need a settlement agreement signed off urgently, we can arrange for that to be completed remotely, within 24 hours of you contacting us. There will usually be no cost to you for this as most employers pay the full legal cost.