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Just now, in January 2020, prominent new case was reported widely in the news involving equal pay. It is prominent because it involved a claim by a well-known BBC journalist, Samira Ahmed, against her employer, on the basis that she had been underpaid for several years, for presenting one programme, amongst others. Her equal pay

Employee, worker, or self-employed

Are you an employee or ‘worker’? Are you a self -employed ‘contractor’? Are you an employer? What are your rights and liabilities? You may think you know the answer to that question, but the answer may be different from what you imagine. Your position may be either better or worse than you think! Why is

Personal liability of directors

Can the directors of a limited company be personally liable for the company’s breaches of an employment contract with its employees?    Kuldeep S. Clair looks at an interesting recent case: The basic principle is that the company is a legally distinct and separate entity from those individuals that own and direct the company. That

Coronavirus, business, and employment law

Kuldeep S. Clair | Consultant Solicitor | London
One big issue is on everyone’s mind in the UK and the globe in the last month. It has affected everyone. Every responsible person is trying to do their bit to make life easier for the public. We pay tribute to all public service key workers, without whom we could not manage at a time