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Kuldeep S. Clair is a Consultant Solicitor with Sterling Lawyers Limited. Office address: Fleet House, 8-12 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AL. Sterling Lawyers Limited is a firm of solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under regulation number 630147. The firm’s website is at www.sterling-law.co.uk. All legal work promoted here will be carried out personally by Kuldeep S. Clair through Sterling Lawyers Limited unless you are informed to the contrary in writing.

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Initial Inquiry

Important note during current covid-19 pandemic:

Usually, you can meet Kuldeep’s main office is in London, near Blackfriars station. Kuldeep works largely as a consultant with Sterling Law, based there, where he is the most experienced solicitor. However, having said the above, due to the current emergency coronavirus issue, we are confining meetings to remote/virtual consultations by phone or Skype / video-con at present.

You can have a consultation at short notice, and in the evening and at weekends. Just get in touch and we will see what we can do. Documents can, of course, also be exchanged by email.

Initial enquiries:

When and how can you contact us?

For your initial enquiry:

  • call us on the number above. Kuldeep will try to answer whenever he is free, even out of hours. We recognise that our clients sometimes need help urgently and we always try to help at short notice if possible.
  • Fill in the Enquiry form on this page. The more information that you give about the nature and background of your problem, the more useful information we can give in reply. Kuldeep always does his utmost to call back ASAP.


What do I have to pay and what are your fees?

We never charge anything without expressly agreeing it with you in advance. But all our substantive work comes at a cost, and we can give you an outline of what your case may cost in an initial chat, which will be free-of-charge.

We may be able to quote a fixed fee, or give an hourly rate, with an estimate of total likely costs.