Covid-19 related issues: employment and settlement agreements

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Employment law

We have had many enquiries resulting from problems suffered by clients as a result of covid-19, the resulting lockdown, and legal problems stemming from that. Naturally many of those have related to employment law, which is of course our number one area of practice. We can advise both businesses and individuals on the issues relating to lay-offs, short-time working, threatened redundancy, and the government ‘furlough’ scheme, officially known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

When the CJRS winds down, many businesses may need to make employees redundant. You may want advice on excluding a claim for unfair dismissal by agreeing a Settlement Agreement with your employee(s). If you are an employee facing redundancy, you may need advice on a Settlement Agreement. We can provide you with immediate reassurance and guidance; just give us a call or drop an email and we’ll be in touch the same day.    

Other issues to which covid-19 has given rise:

Family law

Kuldeep has advised on family law issues, such as a very sad increased level of domestic violence as a result of families being confined at home.

And just recently, Kuldeep resolved a child arrangements matter for a mother who worked in the valued care sector, but had her two young children, seized from her by her ex-partner. The ex-partner felt that our client was more at risk of illness because of her job, and that this was a reason to prevent the children from staying with her for almost a month.

We were able to resolve that dispute amicably through correspondence.   

Commercial / contract law

The pandemic has caused many parties to businesses to break terms of contracts. It may be that you need advice on a solution to such a problem – such as:

  • Can you hold another party to all the terms of your contract?
  • Are you entitled to breach an agreement on the ground that such an event was an  unforeseeable ‘act of god’?
  • Would the law imply that your contract was ‘frustrated’ by the surrounding circumstances caused by the pandemic?

The answer may be ‘yes’ or it may be ‘no’, depending on the nature of the agreement, and its terms, both express and implied. It would be wise to receive professional advice on such issues and not get yourself in deeper water, if indeed you have done anything wrong at all.  

Civil court claims

If you have a hearing in the courts, the listing of it is likely to have been affected by the current lockdown. Many courts have been temporarily closed, and some are only listing certain types of cases. Some cases are only being heard using remote video technology. You may need professional assistance in dealing with your matter, even if you thought that you were able to deal with it previously yourself. 

If you need advice on any covid-19 related issue, just give us a call, and Kuldeep Clair will be on hand to offer an affordable fixed-fee consultation if you wish to proceed further. That may be enough to resolve things quickly.    

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