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One big issue is on everyone’s mind in the UK and the globe in the last month. It has affected everyone.

Every responsible person is trying to do their bit to make life easier for the public. We pay tribute to all public service key workers, without whom we could not manage at a time like this.

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s working life, and people are wondering what the implications are for their businesses and jobs.

Important questions that arise in the world of employment law:

  • Can employers just terminate the jobs of their employees because of the economic impact of COVID-19?
  • Can employers temporarily ‘lay-off’ employees? In what circumstances. And for how long? With or without pay?
  • Can employers make employees redundant? What payment are employees entitled to, if any?
  • What are the appropriate grounds for redundancy? What process has to be followed? What are the consequences of not following the process?
  • What are the other risks and possible claims that an employee or employer may have?
  • What is the best practical approach that you can take, whether you are an employer or employee? Can the ‘furlough’ scheme be used, and if so, how?
  • Is offering or accepting a settlement agreement a viable option? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • And if you are not an employee, but a self-employed contractor, what rights do you have?

The answers to these questions are complex and depend upon several factors. Some advisors purport to give simplistic one-line answers in a bid to win new clients, but experienced professionals know that that is simply not possible, because each situation is different. Factors which come into play include:

  • the express and implied terms of the contract
  • the length of employment
  • the nature of the work and traditions within that industry.

Even the law itself is changing rapidly as the coronavirus crisis spirals. Specialist lawyers need to keep up with the developing law in this area.

If you want the best possible advice possible for your needs, whether you are an employer or employee, you can receive it from Consultant Solicitor and specialist in employment law, with 20 years’ expertise in this field, Kuldeep Clair.

Kuldeep Clair is making himself available for booking for a remote consultation at this very difficult time, at short notice, both inside and outside office hours. As lawyers, we will do whatever possible to help those hit by this crisis.

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